2 November 2020

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

We trust you are well and keeping safe.

We are having an increase in swimmers coming back to swim. We therefore felt it prudent to re-enforce the protocols that swimming schools need to comply with.

There are several protocols that needs to be followed to ensure that we all remain safe and healthy during this pandemic. They are listed as follows:

  • Wearing of a face-mask on our premises is compulsory, except when you swim. Once you leave the pool, the face-mask must be worn again;
  • Parents to remain seated in vehicles;
  • No one will be aloud within the swimming facilities, with exception of the swimmers, teachers and cleaning staff;
  • All swimmers to arrive with their swimming gear on. You will not be allowed to change into your swimming gear before a lesson commences;
  • Ensure that all swimming gear is with you, including towels (as we cannot supply you with it, should you forget to bring your own);
  • When you arrive at the swim school, you will enter through the door at the pool, where your swimming lesson takes place. The appointed compliance officer will be taking your temperature and will be asking the required assessment of possible symptoms. If you do not meet the requirements, we will not allow you to enter our facilities until the symptoms has been addressed by a medical practitioner and we are provided with a letter confirming that you are fit to swim;
  • If any swimmers do have an underlining illness, including asthma we require a medical letter confirming that the swimmer is fit to commence with swimming;
  • The exit will be via the emergency door situated in our changing rooms.

Should any of the protocols be unclear, you are welcome to contact us.

We usually increase our fee’s in July of each year. Due to COVID-19 and in our attempt to assist you, we have decided to only increase our fee’s in January 2021.

Our annual swimming fee increase will come into effect on the 1st January 2021.  We have kept the fee increase as low as possible but had to take the electricity tariff increases into consideration.  Our monthly fees will increase as follows until July 2021: –

Once Weekly – R430

Twice Weekly – R710

Twice Weekly Plus Saturday R1 155

Three times a Week – R1 065

Saturday – R520

Saturday Plus Once During the Week – R800

Individual Lessons – R275 per lesson (Week rate)

Individual Lesson – R360 lesson (Saturday rate)

Please take note that our prices include the VAT portion as we are a registered VAT vendor.

We request that you please take note that when entering the premises, with your vehicle, that children are on the premises and that you should drive with care and not speed.

We thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and ensure you follow the protocols in terms of Covid-19.


Best wishes,

Irene and Noreen