Baby Classes, for babies age 6 months to 2 years

Babies join us in the water with a parent. We go through a series of exercises which are very simple to start with. As your little one masters each stage, we make it a little more challenging for him or her. So he/she learns by ‘conditioned response’, ie by practicing. Exercises include teaching him/her what he/she should do if he/she falls in the water, how to move around the pool while holding on to the side, and how to cope in shallow water.

Toddler Classes for little ones age 2

Water safety is emphasised here, the children swim with their instructor.

Beginner Classes, for children age 3 upwards

We teach all the recognised strokes, Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breast Stroke and Butterfly. Correctly jumping and diving into the pool is included in our programme. We understand that some children are apprehensive around water, and help them to build confidence.

Stroke Correction

We concentrate on improving and perfecting the strokes, learning the recognised starts and turns for each, in preparation for moving on to coaching or another aquatic discipline such as lifesaving, synchronised swimming or waterpolo.

Adult Classes

Classes are available in the morning and evening during the week. We also offer Adult classes on a Saturday morning and afternoon. So if you want to begin swimming, or improve your technique, you will be able to work at your own pace in a small group setting.


We collect swimmers from several pre-schools and aftercare facilities in Kempton Park, bring them to the Swim School for their lesson, dry and dress them, and take them back to school (If the weather is cold, we dry their hair, too).

Every child is in a seat belt, no-one sits in the front passenger seat. We have an open session twice a year, for parents to come and see how their children are progressing.