1 July 2021

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

We hope you are still well and that you had a healthy winter so far. The day’s are getting warmer and we can see all swimmers smiles are back!

So, our school is 25 years old this year. We are starting our celebrations early and have launched a competition on Facebook that you can participate in. It is a like and share our facebook posting. We will have weekly winners in the month of July 2021. The prize consists of 4 Swimming lessons to be taken up in the month of July and August 2021. Should you win and you already swim here, you can nominate or donate them to a friend/family member of your choice. Why not donate them to yourself if you cannot swim already. We do have adult classes that our parents can join!

Even if you do not win, you are welcome to register for our special packages or a normal month to month contract.

We are very passionate about what we do and would like to give you the freedom to be as comfortable in water as we are.


Thank you for your continued support and we trust you will continue to have a happy and healthy winter.

Best wishes, Irene and Noreen