Dear Parents,

Welcome back to all and we trust you will have a magnificent 2018!

We had a couple of requests from parents wanting to buy equipment from us. If any of you are interested in buying, please let us know by the 1st of March 2018.

The prices are as follows:

Small Kickboards
30 mm – R55
40 mm – R60
Pull boys
Junior – R70
Senoir – R110
Big Kickboards
30 mm – R75
40 mm – R95
Bones – R75
Noodles – R140
Swimfin – R420
Colours: Pink, Blue, Purple, Red, Lime, Grey and Orange

When we have lightning and/or thunder, we have to stop the lessons for everyone’s safety. Our drill is set out in the Contract, so we won’t repeat it again here. We do not cancel a whole session, because sometimes a storm passes over fairly quickly, and we are able to resume after only missing a couple of lessons or so. Other times it can be several hours before we can get back in the water again. We have no way of knowing what the progress will be, but when we resume we will include those swimmers who have been kept waiting, up until normal closing time for the day. You’re welcome to contact us should you require further clarity.

We have a number of people that pay cash into our banking account on a monthly basis. Please could we request that should you pay cash, you make use of the ADT machines at FNB as a R45 fee is levied for over the counter transactions.

Thank you for your continued support and for referring your family and friends to us!

Best wishes,
Noreen and Irene