2 May 2022
Dear Parents and Swimmers,
We trust you are well.
Kindly note that we are open throughout the winter. We felt it prudent to give you some benefits of continuing your swimming journey in the winter.
Swimming is not just a great way to keep fit, but also ensuring that the skill your child or yourself, have learned, is kept. Swimming keeps the bugs at bay, just remember to dry properly before leaving the school.
Continuing with swimming lessons all year round helps to build and maintain confidence and independence in the water. Repetition is key for long term skills development. Swimming gives swimmers an advantage across all other life skills for example the cognitive skills all people should have.
With this in mind, we also want to recommend that you ensure that your helper who looks after your most precious possession, (your child(ren)) is water safe and equipped to deal with emergencies around your home and pool.
With this in mind, we can assist them with adult classes during the week and on weekends. You are welcome to contact our offices for the spaces available. Within 3 to 6 months, they could be confident enough to ensure that a possible drowning does not occur at your home.
You are also welcome, to register yourself for our adult classes. This will enable you to not just have “a dream about a swimming Christmas”, but to make it a reality!
Should you be interested in letting them attend a family first aid workshop, we can refer you to the person that we make use of to you.
Invest in the people that you entrust your child(ren) to.
Thank you for your continued support and we trust that you will have a great month further.
Best Wishes,
Irene and Noreen