30 June 2020

Dear Parents and Swimmers,

We trust you are well and keeping safe.

As part of a swim school’s new protocols, we kindly request you to complete the link provided below. Kindly take note that this information will only be accessible to the SSA National COVID-19 Compliance Officer. The personal information provided (e.g. address) is only to comply with Regulations and Directions pertaining to contact tracing. You will receive an email with your Confirmation of Membership as soon as the SSA Registration confirmation process is finalized. A copy of this confirmation of Membership must be provided to our offices for record keeping.

Kindly, complete the information on behalf of your child or yourself, prior to returning to the swim school for your first lesson. There is no cost for this registration which is required by the Directions.


The Unique Code to be used for Irena’s Swim School is as follows: GPEK034

For those of you that forgot our gate code, kindly note that our gate code to enter our premises is ####.

We thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and ensure you follow the protocols in terms of Covid-19.

Best wishes, Irene and Noreen